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1 platform, 35+ currencies, 212 countries, unlimited potential

Payments platform

Go global

Access new markets and grow your brand worldwide by making international payments simply and securely in over 30 currencies and 212 countries. Offer your merchants local currency settlements.

Payments platform

Increase revenues

Clients can benefit from leveraging the FX rates Currencycloud achieve from their $10billion turnover and bypass the banks to access near interbank market pricing without the associated bank fees and commission spreads.

Payments platform

Expand your product offering

Differentiate your programme by adding new functionality such as multi-currency wallets and low cost international wire transfer capability.embedded payments.

Payments platform

Remove risk

Currencycloud’s smart technology built into both our white labeled platform and API provides continuous beneficiary sanction checking and monitoring.

Case study

Connecting an On-Demand world

Evaneos collects thousands of payments from travellers and sends them to over hundreds of local agents in more than 130 destinations worldwide. Their growth requires the ability to pay local agents in their various currencies, with minimal exchange rate exposure as well as, an efficient, automated and secure process. Evaneos approached Currencycloud as a good fit in all these areas and a fully transparent platform that came highly recommended.

“At Evaneos, our relationship with local agents around the world is key. The Currencycloud API helps us work together with complete transparency and maximum efficiency, as well as providing multi-currency capabilities that support business growth. The Currencycloud team is dedicated and professional and the integration was so fast and straightforward, it has been a pleasure to work with them.”

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