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Payments platform

Remove risk

It is critical to your business health that you are able to access live FX rates and instant hedging capabilities. Day rates are no longer acceptable given the speed of which money moves or the risk associated with accepting a one rate a day for a multi-currency led businesses. Currencycloud know it’s important to our clients to have a here and now rate that is competitive and that is why we pass live rates with instant hedging capabilities directly to our clients. Currencycloud’s smart technology built into both our white labeled platform and API provides continuous beneficiary sanction checking and monitoring.

Payments platform

Stand out from the crowd

Currencycloud’s unique product offering provides Foreign Exchange Brokers with a slick and simple off-the-shelf internal and client facing trading platform. Whether you want to enhance an existing platform with our suite of APIs or need a quick go-to-market Whitelabel solution, Currencycloud has you covered! Currencycloud provides an array of payment capabilities to best meet the demand of both your business and your clients. From international same day wire transfers to in country local payments, Currencycloud delivers endless opportunities for expansion.

Payments platform

Increase business revenue

Clients can benefit from leveraging the FX rates Currencycloud achieve from their $10billion turnover and bypass the banks to access near interbank market pricing without the associated bank fees and commission spreads. You will be able to access our competitive FX rates to pass savings on to your customers and increase your profit margins.

Payments platform

Stay in control

With our Conversion, Payment, Beneficiary and Account Management tools clients can tailor the permissions of both their employees and their end clients depending on position and level of user authority. Our workflows and account permissions leave you in the driver seat, ensuring your business can focus on strategy and growth, not infrastructure and security.

Case study

Simplifying International Payments

The vision for Agility Forex was simple: remove the murkiness around international payments. By combining fintech innovation and applying it to traditional functions accessible via banks, Agility Forex offers users better pricing, cheaper transaction costs, time efficiency and access from anywhere.

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