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Change isn’t coming, it’s here. The next generation of payments has arrived, and it’s better than ever. In a world of ever evolving technology and increasingly innovative payment options, Currency Cloud has anticipated the needs of today’s businesses to deliver a fast and trusted payment solution. We know this brave new tech world isn’t perfect, so we built our next generation API to meet the payment challenges you still face to give you smarter, faster transactions. Upgrade to Payment Engine Two and you’ll have increased capabilities and flexibility to send international payments, and more time to focus on doing what you do best.

Mission statement

At Currency Cloud, we’re on a mission to power the next generation of companies with our fast, transparent and trusted Payment Engine that will transform the business landscape, making new markets accessible to everyone. Don’t get left behind, join us and help shape the payment revolution. See what we’ve been working on

We're on a journey, and you're with us

Stories from the leadership team

What is the key benefit for upgrading to Payment Engine Two?

In the new digital economy all financial services will be mobile, digital and social and all payments will be transparent and embedded. Payment Engine Two is Currency Cloud's next step in helping to bring the opaque and complex world of international payments into the modern world.

What is your vision for Currency Cloud in the coming years?

The digital economy is expanding globally and in every industry segment. A global interconnected world requires cross-border payments, the least automated and transparent part of the financial system, to change dramatically as well. Currency Cloud's vision is to be leader in helping every type of digital business move money around the world. We currently work with payment firms, e-commerce firms and banks in Europe and will be expanding in North America and Asia over the next two years.

Why do you think change and innovation are important?

Banks are changing slowly because they are highly regulated, large and often conservative in nature. Small and nimble financial technology firms are better positioned to meet the demands of an evolving global environment. The social, mobile and data driven transformation is thundering through of every business segment, so change and innovation are part of everything we do. Currency Cloud is both part of this change and helps lead it with technical solutions to help our clients be global, digital and innovative.

What is the key benefit for upgrading to Payment Engine Two?

Clients migrating to Payment Engine Two will benefit from unparalleled flexibility to build workflows that truly meet the unique requirements of their business. They will be able to separate the currency conversion from the payment, creating a host of new opportunities to simplify their processes. At the same time, they will experience improvements in security and scalability, as well as being able to access new features as they are developed.

What has been Currency Cloud's greatest achievement in developing Payment Engine Two?

We have changed the paradigm of the payment workflow. Until now, you could go to a bank and talk to three different departments, or to a one-size-fits-all solution that packages FX and payment workflows into an unhappy bundle.

What is your vision for Currency Cloud in the coming years?

To reimagine the way money flows through the global digital economy to create a better tomorrow for all.

Why do you think change and innovation are important?

The world is changing all the time, and technology is constantly evolving to make our lives better. Companies who embrace and adapt to change will thrive in a dynamic economy; while those companies who try to bury their head in the sand will ultimately get left behind.

What is the key benefit for upgrading to Payment Engine Two?

Access to a simpler way of executing business payments.

What is your vision for Currency Cloud in the coming years?

To become truly well known in this space by other innovative companies for the processes we use and the functionality that we bring to market.

Why do you think change and innovation are important?

Change keeps your competitors on their toes and innovation sets you apart. Innovation is at the heart of any FinTech and without it we couldn't remain in this space.

New interface, faster transactions

With our next generation Payment Engine, you can make faster payments via our easy-to-use, new look UI. It is feature-rich and allows you to convert currencies, hold balances, add beneficiaries and make fast and reliable international payments. Want to see what all the fuss is about?
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What we've been working on

Our developers work tirelessly to advance our API and improve the end-to-end payment process so more payments can be made at greater speeds, superior transparency, and at minimal cost. And while our developers are innovating, we are focused on transforming the payments industry and growing our clients' businesses. From expanding our banking network and driving down prices, to ensuring compliance and regulatory requirements are met. We are servicing and supporting our clients at every stage on their journey with us.
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Happy customers

“Launching our own FinTech company, we always knew we would face challenges. Thanks to Currency Cloud, we were able to avoid additional regulatory or technology hurdles, by relying on its ready-established, compliant platform. The Currency Cloud team has been there and done it – they get the startup mentality and made the whole launch process easier for us by adapting to our timelines and requirements.” Norris Koppel, founder, Monese
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