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Series D Funding Secured $25M.

We processed $25billion in payments and signed three cutting edge clients to help them build the future of digital payments.

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Currency Cloud goes orange & becomes Currencycloud. We move offices in the UK & US and hit 100+ employees around the globe.

We launched our second generation Payment Engine.

Clients begin migrating over to APIV2 for improved functionality, more currencies & faster payments. The business receives ISO20071 certification.

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US expansion starts to take shape, US licensing begins & a partnership with CFSB is established.

Series C Funding Secured.

$18M is raised to grow the team in NY and increase awareness in North America.

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Our e-money license is granted, allowing the business to hold balances and offer clients a multi-currency e-wallet.

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The Currency Cloud rebrands to Currency Cloud.

We processed $10B in payments & secured Series B funding of $10M.


The team grows rapidly in numbers and relocates to Bishopsgate.

SWIFT and local pay-out options are offered to clients.


APIv1, our first generation Payment Engine, is launched.

The Currency Cloud Ltd is Founded.

Emerging from FX Capital Group, the business secures $8M in Series A funding and begins its journey with a team of 20 employees based in London.

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