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Helping i-payout fuel global commerce

About i-payout

Established in 2007, i-payout is a leading technology provider specializing in integrations to fuel global commerce. i-payout provides industry compliant, cost effective, multi-currency payment solutions for companies worldwide.


i-payout connects businesses to workforces worldwide. They provide agile enterprise payment solutions that need to be compliant, cost effective and often multi-currency. Most API’s i-payout had looked at had been clunky and difficult to work with.

i-payout required a solution that was:

  • Easy to integrate
  • Trusted
  • Transparent
  • Reputable
  • Cost effective


Currencycloud’s API’s presented i-payout with an easy, fast and simple solution that fit their customer requirements. Our API’s gave them:

Fast integration
The hands on implementation team at Currencycloud had i-payout live in weeks, not months

Trusted & secure API’s
A fully compliant solution offered peace of mind when handling a high volume of business payments

Transparency of multicurrency transactions
Easy management of global multi-currency transfers

Clear real-time reporting
Allowing finance to track payments, cost and interchange


Since partnering with Currencycloud i-payout have seen a steady increase in payment volume and coverage. Customers are happier, payments are faster and the competitive cost of the solution allowed i-payout to improve operations and grow their business.

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Currencycloud is truly relationship driven, they provide an exceptional hands on service that is based on great business ethics. They stand by their promises & they continually work on ensuring a high level of service to all their clients. A true partner. 

Natalia Yenatska, COO, i-payout