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Digby Try, VP Sales EMEA

We recently sat down with Digby, the VP of Sales for Currencycloud’s EMEA region to delve into insights and learnings from his career! Digby has over 20 years experience covering retail payments, corporate payments, brokerage and partnerships. He has brought a wealth of knowledge and global experience to Currencycloud. 

At Currencycloud, Digby oversees the sales landscape in mainland Europe, the UK and South East Asia. He has done a lot of work around how best to build a proposition for our customers and is currently working alongside one of our major partners, Visa, to implement a new proposition. However if you ask Digby, he will tell you his major successes have been on developing solutions for digital challenger banks and helping them to deliver on their innovative prepaid multi-currency solutions.

Digby says: “What I find truly inspiring is you start working with these digital challenger banks right at the very beginning of their journey and both companies grow and mature along the way together. If I think about Revolut, we got to know that business really well and helped to develop an innovative solution for them and have been such a part of Revolut transforming into one of the biggest names in the market.”

The sales organisation here at Currencycloud is different to most, it has been set up so that the sales team stay involved with the customer until they go live and are fully launched. When asked why it is set up this way, Digby responded “We want to deliver the most value we can for our clients and this ensures we stay as customer centric as possible. We need to understand our customer requirements and make sure we are giving them the right combination of our services to solve their problem.”

As a testament to Digby’s experience, he has managed numerous teams in his career and really understands what it takes to be successful in the FinTech industry. Particularly in the payments industry, it’s even more important to have that industry knowledge in order to achieve success. To add as much value as you can for customers, there are three key traits anyone working with the FinTech industry should have according to Digby. 

  • You need to be curious by nature – this will ensure you understand your client’s business and how your product can solve the complications they are facing.
  • Communication is key – Make sure you communicate often and well to maximise the value of any dealings or partnerships. 
  • Having a deep industry understanding and passion for the business you are working with will ultimately help you to be successful! 

Digby has been in the payments industry for most of his career and has seen it develop immensely. The exciting part for him is seeing real customer impact in such a short space of time. Customer demand is always changing, and working with FinTechs and challenger banks means that Digby gets to see products and new businesses grow from the idea stage right through to beta products and then go on to develop into maturity.

The speed of change among customers and the markets has forced FinTechs to approach product offerings differently. FinTechs are able to work in a much more agile fashion which allows customer demand to be met much quicker than the more traditional players in the industry. Digby says What is interesting to watch is how these FinTechs and digital offerings are able to look at the current market and then take it in a different direction! Customer demand and customer experience is ultimately driving this.”

Cross-border payments has been constantly evolving, it is cheaper to get a package to the US from the UK than it is to send money internationally! The paytech industry is working hard to change this. The biggest trend that Digby is seeing for 2020 is high quality cross-border services should be a default, it should be as easy as sending a package internationally. 

The customer experience is driving international payments and those real market leaders in 2020 will be those that are transparent on FX. Regulation will have a big role to play in transparency on FX and on price. Banks also possess the data and customer base to create the richest customer experience, but 2020 will really be the year that they understand that different segments of clients use cross-border payments for different needs and banks must help to deliver on this customer experience. 

Last but not least, when we talked to Digby about international travel and the best advice he could give, he said “One lesson I have learnt is if you are given the option to pay in your home currency when abroad – don’t do it!”

If you want to find out more about Digby’s experience working with challenger banks or what he is doing at Currencycloud – follow him on LinkedIn or click here.

Digby Try

Digby has over 20 years of experience covering retail payments, corporate payments, brokerage and partnerships. Digby is passionate about developing the customer experience within the payments space. The exciting part for him is seeing real customer impact in such a short amount of time! At Currencycloud Digby oversees sales within mainland Europe, UK and South East Asia.