Case Study March 12, 2018

Liberty Wealth

Liberty Wealth Management is an independent wealth management website for international expats seeking professional financial advice in Switzerland, specializing in investment advice, mortgage broking services, financial planning advice, estate planning as well as SIPPS and QROPS Pension Transfers. The website launched in March 2012 with the help of London based adaptive web design specialists; Cyber-Duck. One of the key features of the new Liberty Wealth website was its integration with Currencycloud white-label solution which allowed the website to incorporate Currencycloud features into the Liberty Wealth website.

Liberty Wealth Management act as a White-Label Introducing Broker (WLIB) to Currencycloud international payment service. WLIB is one in a range of flexible relationship solutions offered by Currencycloud based on the technology of their branded platform.

Below is a case study of how the platform was incorporated into and the benefits it has provided for the Liberty Wealth Management website.

The Opportunities for Liberty Wealth

Liberty Wealth wanted to capitalize on the benefits of Currencycloud’s white-label international payments service by quickly integrating the solution into their recently launched website.

Liberty Wealth wanted to provide their clients with a simple, straightforward and easy-to-manage platform for checking exchange rates as a precedent to their clients using Currencycloud international payments service.

Liberty Wealth also wanted to enhance their online offerings and provide their users with a supplementary FX service, which would help cement and foster relationships with a variety of new clients who enter the website for the first time.

Liberty Wealth’s vision was to offer a more comprehensive online service to their clients to enable them to multi-task across the range of Liberty Wealth’s services and products via the website.

What FX features are on the Liberty Wealth Website?

The Liberty Wealth Management website incorporates two features from Currencycloud platform.

First is the integration of the Currencycloud foreign exchange calculator, which was integrated into the website’s homepage. The currency widget allows users to convert amounts between currencies, using up to the minute dynamically updated exchange rates.

The Liberty Wealth website also houses Currencycloud’s cutting-edge online currency and payments service. The service enables both private and corporate clients to quickly and easily make foreign currency transactions.

Visitors to the Liberty Wealth website simply complete and submit the registration form; Currencycloud then approves the customer and provides access to the intuitive international payments online application.

Installation of the foreign exchange calculator

Currencycloud provided Liberty Wealth with technical specification documentation that gave clear and concise instructions on how to integrate the foreign exchange calculator on the Liberty Wealth Management homepage.

The white-label guide specified all the elements which need to be included to ensure the calculator worked correctly on the website, defining the set up of parameters such as the style, logo, button color and text to be used in the calculator.

Mobile friendly foreign exchange calculator

A further and impressive feature of the foreign exchange calculator is that it could be fully integrated into the adaptive web design of the website, meaning that the calculator was fully optimized for a variety of mobile devices. As such, the Liberty Wealth website is user friendly on both traditional desktop computers right through to tablet and mobile devices.

Benefits of the foreign exchange calculator

There are numerous benefits of the calculator which justified Liberty Wealth’s decision to integrate the widget into their new website, which include having the very latest conversion rates to ensure accurate and timely information.

Currencycloud’s currency exchange calculator was extremely easy to integrate into the website, a dream for a webmaster or developer. Their technical specification was well defined; it clearly explained the different parameters and how to customize these to fit your branding guidelines. This enabled Liberty Wealth to keep consistency with the font and style of the widget without diminishing the overall design of the website.

Currencycloud provided fantastic customer support and on-going assistance to the technical team, helping to make the installation of the widget as smooth as possible.

Installation of the Payments Platform

Currencycloud’s international payments service allows private and corporate clients to register their account details with Currency Cloud but through the convenience and security of the Liberty Wealth Management website.

The benefits for Liberty Wealth arise from providing a supplementary and complimentary service to their clients and sharing in the commission for transactions on Currencycloud platform which are referred through the Liberty Wealth website.

Liberty Wealth’s clients also benefit from low transaction fees, an easy to use, secure and reliable service from one the industry’s most exciting foreign currency payment service providers.

Benefits of the payments platform

Just like the foreign exchange calculator, The international payments service registration pages have been fully customized to meet the branding requirements of the Liberty Wealth website. Once users enter their details in to the Liberty Wealth website, their details will automatically be submitted to Currencycloud who host the platform.

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