Streamlining transactions and helping Evaneos grow

Evaneos was the first websites to offer local travel agents a platform that allowed them to contact travelers directly and further develop their skills.


Evaneos collects thousands of payments from travelers and sends them to over hundreds of local agents in more than 130 destinations worldwide. Their growth requires the ability to pay local agents in their various currencies, with minimal exchange rate exposure as well as, an efficient, automated and secure process. Evaneos approached Currencycloud as a good fit in all these areas and a fully transparent platform that came highly recommended. Evaneos offer tailor-made travel with an on-demand twist. Their web platform connects a community of expert local agencies around the world with travelers who can customize their trip to the last detail. Since the company was created in 2009 over 80,000 people have travelled through the Evaneos platform and benefited from trusted and dedicated local expertise. Simultaneously, over 300 agents worldwide have been able to focus on delivering core travel services as part of a supported, global Evaneos community.


Our team worked with Evaneos to integrate the Currencycloud API quickly and efficiently. This included:

Establishing a daily forward contract to remove risk and volatility from the payments cycle, thereby ensuring agents received amounts expected. Enabling Evaneos to access a range of currencies through our local bank network to further maximize the value of payments processed.



The increased transparency and streamlined processing of payments saw Evaneos receive an influx of positive feedback from local agents, cementing a business-critical network for the organization.


The ability to offer multi-currency capabilities drove a rapid increase in subscriptions to the new platform. This reduced the burden of both transitioning existing agents and on-boarding new ones.


With a secure and enhanced global payments solution, we enabled Evaneos to expand into more locations, easily establish new local agent relationships, and further develop their on-demand customized travel experience.