EPA’s Project Women in PayTech

Shaping the Gender Agenda in PayTech

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The EPA’s Project Women in PayTech is committed to improving the gender balance in the emerging payments community by providing support and empowerment to women at all levels, offer cross-mentoring and advice, and drive positive change to the composition of the payments industry by identifying solutions to key issues affecting both women and men in payments. Project Women in PayTech will be hosting an event on Wednesday 28th February. This event, titled ‘Shaping the ‘gender agenda’ in PayTech’, will play host to panel discussions from high profile women and men on the challenges and opportunities they face, or have faced, within their career paths and to impart their experiences and advice on how to navigate them. The event will also host an interactive workshop and will provide an invaluable opportunity for all attendees to share their issues and insights to the forum and help shape the content for future events. The event will run from 3 pm – 5:30 pm at Amazon’s office in Principal Place and will be followed by networking and drinks.

Meet Currencyclouds team at EPA’s Project Women in PayTech
Zoe Duncombe-Wood

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