Innovate Finance Global Summit 2018

“Innovate Finance Global Summit is the main event for those wanting to know what the future of finance looks like from those creating it.” – Chris Skinner, Founder, The Finanser

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Financial technology has evolved into a powerful global movement that has brought together entrepreneurs, technology giants and big banks to develop ideas and innovations that can harness the power of the digital age to create better, sustainable, financial services for more people of different backgrounds and for future generations to come.

IFGS 2018 will convene the global FinTech community to the FinTech capital of the world: London and take over the historic Guildhall and Square Mile. Taking inspiration from the expansion of FinTech globally, the summit will welcome the world’s leading lights, from innovators, institutions and investors to policy makers, regulators and international trade bodies.


FinTech Capital: Beyond the Money

Capital is increasingly becoming a commodity, so founders can start to afford to be picky. With all this choice what other qualities should be looked for? Should you go for capital that brings along access to new markets or clients, that comes with specific experience or just with a good brand? What are the pros and cons of getting capital from local sources vs going global? Is patient capital important in FinTech, and if so, where should this come from?

MODERATOR: Eileen Burbidge – Partner, Passion Capital and FinTech Envoy, HM Treasury

  • Dan Cobley – Managing Partner, FinTech, Blenheim Chalcot
  • Chris Skinner – Founder, The Finanser
  • Rhydian Lewis – CEO, Ratesetter

Meet Currencyclouds team at Innovate Finance Global Summit 2018
Steve Lemon

Co-founder, VP Corporate Development


  • FX & payments geek - 20 years experience
  • Business expansion & development
  • Prioritise and drive delivery of corporate objective
  • Techstars mentor
  • Sales & team management
Todd Latham

CMO & Head of Product


  • Marketing team leader
  • Driving delivery of corporate objectives, technical projects & product development
  • Product and customer satisfaction strategist
  • FinTech & innovation enthusiast

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