Podcast September 1, 2021

Why Africa’s Fintech success is a boon for North America

With people picking up and moving around the world since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s become abundantly clear that digital payment must quickly evolve to meet those needs.

Banks are now faced with the challenge to provide global digital services if they want to tread water in a fast-growing, competitive market.

On this episode of Payments Innovation, Omosalewa Adeyemi , Head of Global Partnerships and Expansion at Flutterwave joins us to talk about how the African Fintech company is paving the way for accessible international digital payment services.

Getting started

Flutterwave’s initial mission was to build bridges between the fragmented banking systems in Africa.

With around 60% of the population growing up in the digital age, they saw an opportunity to improve the country’s outdated payment schemes by leveraging the latest virtual banking technologies and make it simpler for African businesses to expand and accept global payments.

Borderless transactions

Now that people are moving around more than ever before, Flutterwave has its eyes set on bringing their services to North America and Europe.

With an already saturated Fintech market in both continents, it begs the question: what difference will one more Fintech make?

Flutterwave is uniquely positioned to seamlessly service people no matter where they are in the world.

Founded on the pillars of supporting Africans abroad, Flutterwave had already specialized in digital banking innovations such as virtual cards, automated currency exchange, and real-time transfers.

Virtual cards and accounts

International merchants especially benefit from Flutterwave’s virtual payments programs which enable alternate forms of payment as well as the ability to move funds across multiple jurisdictions.

Widening the number of acceptable payment methods such as virtual cards, gives these global business owners increased power and opportunity to bring in more revenue from all over the world.

If they’re then able to transfer that international revenue in real-time to a virtual bank account that automatically converts the currency rate, it helps their businesses achieve the growth they deserve more quickly.

These are just a few of the many ways Fintech companies like Flutterwave are connecting global economies for the better.

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