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The international banking experience your customers deserve


What is Spark

Take cross-border transactions to the next level.

Currencycloud Spark integrates international and local clearing into your payments and FX platform, enabling you to build the international banking experience your customers deserve. Unlike other banking service providers, Spark works in the background while you own the customer relationship and user experience. Turn international receivables and payments into a revenue opportunity, not a cost centre.

Features at a glance

A trusted enterprise platform that will get you to market quickly via our cloud-native, API-driven technology.

Named Customer Accounts

Unique multi-currency accounts in your customer's name. Receive, convert and payout SWIFT funds - from anyone, to anyone.

Flexible receivables and payments

Receive and send funds in 30+ currencies via SWIFT and send funds in up to 17 currencies locally.

Reduce costs by automating

All funds are automatically screened and reconciled removing manual processes, saving time and money.

Control the experience

You own the relationship, experience and pricing. Our technology works seamlessly in the background.


Benefits of using Spark

Easily create multi-currency accounts around the world giving your customers total flexibility in how they manage their international payment flows with their customers.

Go global, grow fast
Delight your customers
Easy, secure integration

Win market share and differentiate

The world is becoming a smaller place; your customers are trading more globally and want the same level of service internationally as domestically. Give your customers the ability to receive, convert and payout funds in 30+ currencies using unique account details allowing you to differentiate, win market share and grow your business - fast.

Improve your customer experience and become the partner of choice

Your customers are used to a great experience when it comes to domestic transactions, so why not international? With Spark, your customers can receive and payout funds in different currencies using unique account details in their own name. Payment fees and rates are clear and transparent so your customers always know what to expect.

One integration for clearing, FX and payments

It’s easy to add Currencycloud Spark into your current platform or systems via our APIs or Currencycloud Direct. All funds are automatically screened and reconciled - no more manual processes that take days, helping to remove cost and errors.


How it works

Let’s take a look at a typical use case. Your client is based in the US, selling goods and services to customers in the UK.


Raise an invoice

Your client wants to invoice their customer in Dollars (USD), but their customer wants to pay in Pounds (GBP).


Get a named account

You provide your client with a unique, named GBP account via Currencycloud.


Send account details

Your client passes these account details to their customer who pays GBP into your client's unique GBP account.


Receive a payment

Within hours, the payment is received, converted into USD and your client receives a payment from Currencycloud in Dollars.


Easy reconciliation

The balance reconciles with the invoice and it’s a win-win for everyone!


Add Spark to your cross-border solution

Build the international banking experience your customers deserve via one easy to use platform

Customer testimonials

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