Transfers between balances

In this cookbook, you will:

  1. Confirm you have sufficient funds to Transfer from a source account balance to a destination account balance
  2. Perform the balance Transfer using Currencycloud’s API
  3. Confirm (if required) whether the Transfer has been success and the balances have updated

Step 1: Login

Please refer to the Authentication cookbook for instructions to start a new API session.

Step 2: Check Balance

Please refer to the Checking you balances cookbook for instructions on how to confirm currencies and amounts held in accounts balances

Step 3: Instruct the Transfer

The API allows you to transfer a currency balance from the source account to the destination account.

POST /v2/transfers/create

Parameter Name Parameter Type Example Value
currency Form Data EUR
source_account_id Form Data aea097c2-39e4-49b5-aaa6-c860ca55ca0b
destination_account_id Form Data 22ed17b5-b90c-424e-aa78-d24928b1778e
reason Form Data funds movement
amount  Form Data 1000.00
X-Auth-Token  Header  ea6d13c7bc50feb46cf978d137bc01a2


    "id": "883c665f-c8ee-475a-98f1-b88d73bfbf3e",
    "short_reference": "BT-20190301-FFSXLC",
    "source_account_id": "cf28b2d8-5afa-4d7f-9a26-7b45bf616a11",
    "destination_account_id": "22ed17b5-b90c-424e-aa78-d24928b1778e",
    "currency": "GBP",
    "amount": "100.00",
    "status": "pending",
    "reason": null,
    "created_at": "2019-03-01T16:44:30+00:00",
    "updated_at": "2019-03-01T16:44:30+00:00",
    "completed_at": null,
    "creator_account_id": "72970a7c-7921-431c-b95f-3438724ba16f",
    "creator_contact_id": "a66ca63f-e668-47af-8bb9-74363240d781"

Step 4: Confirm Transfer Completed

You can call either the Get Balance to confirm that the account has updated with the correct amount of funds or use Find Transaction with a action of ‘transfer’ to clarify the instruction has taken place

Please note, if there are insufficient funds available on the balance to complete the transfer the specified currency amount to the destination account, the Transfer itself will remain in a ‘pending’ status until there are sufficient funds in the bal
Transaction is complete