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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Providing you with documentation to satisfy your own Due Diligence requirements.

We understand the need for regulated firms to conduct supplier due diligence on their partners and suppliers such as The Currency Cloud.

We have put this guide together to assist you with this process and to better understand the documentation and information we are able to provide you with.

An E-money Institution

The Currency Cloud Limited is an E-money Institution, and as such, we are under the supervision of the UK Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"). Through our FCA registration we also passport into all EEA states, therefore allowing us to provide services in those countries.

Being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority is a great commitment, but it is also a necessity for a financial services company providing the services the we offer to our clients.

It is a quality mark that means we have to have great risk and compliance management tools and processes in place and are a well managed organisation overall.

It is the FCA's duty to protect consumers and the general trust for the financial system, so being a user of a supervised firm like The Currency Cloud, you can trust that we comply with all relevant laws and regulation and take our users interests very seriously. Being an E-money Institution, we work hard to take great care of the financial system in general, and our users and your customers in particular.

If you wish to view our licence status, please visit the follwoing link: The Currency Cloud Ltd Licence Status.

Identification of our Directors

Where required by law, we are able to provide you with electronic KYC documents to verify the identity of our Directors. This will normally show you matches on the full name, date of birth, and residential address. Information regarding the registered directors can be found on UK Companies House, to find this information please follow this link: Companies House.

Please note before this information can be provided, a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed.

Audited Financials

Audited financial accounts for The Currency Cloud Limited are available for you to review on the UK Companies House site: Companies House. From there you can download relevant financial and shareholder information to satisfy your due diligence requirements to identify the shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners of the business.

Your AML questionnaire

If you wish us to complete your AML questionnaire we are happy to complete this for you. Please bear in mind we may not be able to disclose specifics of our compliance operations.

Please note before this can be provided, a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed.

Venture Capital backing

The Currency Cloud Group is backed by world renowned Venture Capital investment firms such as, Sapphire Ventures, Atlas Ventures, Notion Capital, Anthemis Holdings, Xange and Rakuten. The Currency Cloud Group is the 100% shareholder of The Currency Cloud Limited.

For information on The Currency Cloud Group, please follow this link: Group Information.