Currencycloud and Dwolla collaborate to take your payments international

A partnership that provides you with the ability to move money seamlessly both internationally and domestically 



Looking for domestic payments to compliment your international offering?

Integrate Dwolla’s ACH payment API to build software on top of the U.S. banking infrastructure and make sending ACH transactions simple and easy. 

Already have a Dwolla integration and looking to expand your network globally?

Moving money shouldn’t be hard. With Currencycloud and Dwolla, you don’t need to build your own payment infrastructure or engage in lengthy banking negotiations to make international payments.

Your challenges 

International payments are complex

When sending payments overseas, the funds go through multiple intermediary banks with each of them taking their piece of the pie.

FX Rates are confusing and unclear

Static day rates, absurd mark-ups, hidden fees, and lack of transparency can make converting currencies more trouble than it’s worth.


The customer experience suffers

Poor pricing, delays in payments, lack of transparency, and reconciliation errors inevitably damage the customer experience.


Benefits of a Currencycloud integration 

Access to our international payments network

Send funds in 38 currencies to 180 countries around the world. Utilize our local payment network for low-cost international payments or tap into the SWIFT network to send funds fast.


Crystal clear FX rates that work for your business

Access real-time wholesale FX rates with complete visibility into every step of the conversion, so you can be sure you’re getting the best rates. 








Automation of your global payments and conversions

Reduce time spent on the manual tasks involved with making payments, and get back to what really moves the needle: giving your customer the best possible experience.


Partner with Currencycloud

Unlike other integrated payment solutions, Currencycloud acts as a true partner in the growth of your company. Our expert staff will be on-call to help you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing operations.

Our Global Solutions team will get you up and running in weeks, not years
Our Customer Success team ensures you are fully equipped to make the most of our platform
Your dedicated Account Manager will provide additional support and help guide you through every step of the journey