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Privacy policy

Your personal information and Currencycloud



All financial companies need to use and share customers’ personal information to run their everyday business. You have the right to limit some but not all of that sharing. We are also required to tell you how we collect, protect, and share your personal information. Please read this notice carefully to understand what we do .


The types of personal information Currencycloud collects and shares depend on the product or service we supply to you. This information can include:

  • Government issued ID details
  • Proof of address or residence
  • Social Security Number and employment information
  • Account transactions and transaction history
  • Credit history
  • Bank account details


Currencycloud processes all data under UK and EU Data Protection law which lays down a series of key principles which must be met at all times. How we meet those principles, and what that means for the collection, protection and sharing of our customers’ personal information are shown below.


1. Information must be processed fairly and lawfully

Currencycloud directly collects personal information only with customers’ consent. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, customers consent to us collecting the data necessary for us to be able to provide our service to them and to meet our legal and regulatory requirements.

Some personal information relating to third-parties may also be transferred to Currencycloud in order for us to meet the legal and regulatory requirements involved in servicing our customers’ requests. This information is treated in the same way as information directly collected from customers.

2. Information collected must be processed for limited purposes

Any personal information Currencycloud collects is only used to enable us to provide the service our customers have requested whilst meeting our legal and regulatory requirements, and to enable us to respond to court orders and legal investigations when required.

3. Information collected must be adequate, relevant and not excessive

Currencycloud does not collect any personal information unless it is required for operational, legal or regulatory reasons to enable us to provide our services.

4. Information collected must be accurate and up to date

Currencycloud makes significant efforts to ensure that all personal information collected is accurate and current at the time of collection. We periodically re-check the accuracy and validity of the information we hold.

5. Information must not be held for longer than is necessary

Currencycloud only maintains copies of personal information for as long as we are required to in order to meet our operational, legal and regulatory requirements. We have procedures in place to identify and remove information which is no longer required.

6. Information must be processed in accordance with the person’s rights

On an individual’s request Currencycloud will provide details of what information is held by us about them, and a copy of that information. There are some situations where we may not be able to provide access to all personal information, although any exceptions will be limited and specific and, where possible, the reason for denying access will be provided. Exceptions may include information that:

  • contains references to other individuals;
  • cannot be disclosed for legal, investigative, security, or commercial proprietary reasons;
  • is subject to attorney-client or litigation privilege.

If the information we hold is proved to be inaccurate or incomplete we will amend it as required. Depending on the nature of the amendment this could involve the correction, deletion, or addition of information. Where appropriate, the amended information may be transmitted to third-parties who have access to the information in question.

Currencycloud does not share personal information with other organisations for marketing purposes, and always provides the option to opt-out of our own marketing communications.

7. Information must be kept secure

Currencycloud is certified to ISO 27001:2013, the International Standard for best practises in managing information security. Within this framework, Currencycloud uses security measures that include:

  • Technical and procedural computer safeguards
  • Secured files and buildings
  • Background checks on employees
  • Strict access controls
  • Confidentiality requirements for employees and service providers
  • Employee compliance, privacy and security training
  • Independent security reviews