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Transform your business

Currencycloud is a cloud-based payments platform for forward-thinking businesses. Customize payment solutions, create seamless digital experiences, grow revenue and reach new global markets, all through a single integration with an industry-leading Payment Engine. 

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One platform, two easy ways to connect.


Use developer-friendly APIs as building blocks for payment products that will keep customers on your interface for a seamless experience. Launch products fast, access new revenue streams, manage workflows and automate the entire payment process with this powerful tool.

Currencycloud Direct

Add payment capabilities to your interface and preserve your brand logo and colors with this hosted white-label solution. It’s the easiest way to process payments without building infrastructure.

Under the hood

Currencycloud’s Payment Engine is packed full of features that are transforming the digital payment landscape.

Global network

Global network

Expand your reach and adjust payment solutions to the way your business operates. Collect funds and/or send international payments on behalf of customers or to employees, contractors, merchants or suppliers in over 200 countries. 

Currency conversion

Currency conversion

Buy, sell and convert over 30 currencies at live, wholesale rates. Lock in FX rates, schedule a conversion date and reduce currency risk with a forward contract. 

Multi-currency eWallet

Multi-currency eWallet

Pre-fund your digital wallet in multiple currencies, manage funds between different accounts, and get a quick, real-time view of payment history, pending transfers and balances, all on one integrated platform. 

Local payments

Local payments

Avoid correspondent banking fees and guarantee that funds are received in full almost anywhere in the world with a low-cost local payment option. 

Mass payments

Mass payments

Automate, split and initiate hundreds or thousands of payments in multiple currencies to recipients. Ideal for companies looking to cut cost and better manage operational processes. 

Account management

Account management

Manage user permissions and authorization limits, set up pricing and margins, check balances, track payment status, and get visibility into your payments business with live reporting & analytics. 

Robust compliance

Robust compliance

Currencycloud’s risk-based approach includes beneficiary validations, KYC onboarding, AML monitoring, global sanctions screening, data security, and compliance with local and international laws.  

Help not hype.

At Currencycloud we’ll always go that extra mile to get you up and running as fast as possible. This commitment also infuses our technologies, which is why our API is built on RESTful architecture to keep integration simple and costs down. In addition, you’ll find SDKs, a Developer Center, and online access to a wealth of useful information and documentation. Behind the technology you can access our team of experts, as well as our broad community of clients and partners as part of our ecosystem.

Security. Keeping your money safe on its journey

Money can only flow freely when it’s secure, end-to-end. The reason we’re relied on by global businesses is because our security is world-class. We are ISO 27001-certified, and our security is regularly reviewed and approved by regulators and bank partners across the world.

Physical security

Our service operates from multiple high security Tier 4 Data Centers used by banks and other financial institutions.

Network security

Our firewalls are managed by dedicated staff and we undergo regular third party penetration tests, to ensure our service is secure.


All network traffic is encrypted.

Data security

We are certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the international best practice standard for information security management.

Strong access control

We assign unique IDs to each individual and require two step authentication for all access.

Simple pricing

Entry Level – no hidden costs, no surprises
  • 0.25% plus Payment Fee
  • Wholesale FX rates
  • Payment Fees start at 50 cents, and vary depending on method of payment and destination
Scale as your business grows
  • We have plans to suit every size of business
  • Call us on +1 646 593 8724 to find out more