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At Currencycloud we do far more than just send payments. On top of our Payment Engine, we’ve built a powerful range of solutions to give you the tools and support you need to be bold, to move beyond traditional processes in search of a smarter and easier way of doing business. We call it the journey to a better tomorrow and it is the foundation for your future success.

Payments platform

Payments Platform

Automate your payment product by integrating our API into your processes. With a Currencycloud Account, from which you can manage your FX and payments worldwide. It’s a technology that’s built to complement your business, and delivers access to new revenue streams, improve client ‘stickiness’, reduced risk and lower operational costs.

Payments platform

Global Wallet

Bring your e-wallet to life with capabilities that get your money where you need it – fast! We enable you to make payments across your business seamlessly, whether you are topping up a prepaid card, moving balances around your customers’ e-wallets or simply moving money around your business.

Payments platform

Mass Digital Payments

Automate to accelerate. Reduce the cost and headaches that come with managing or scaling your regular payments. Our Mass Digital Payments solution is designed for companies looking to better manage their FX risk and payments, maintain tight control over their processes, and benefit from greater operational efficiencies. Ideal for fast growth digital companies handling high volumes of outbound payments.

Payments platform

White-label Direct

Establish your business infrastructure, and access new revenue streams, with our white-label low-cost approach to FX and payments. Built on our API, the white-label Currencycloud Direct platform also gives you the options to fully outsource your international payments business, up to and including servicing.

Payments platform

API Datafeeds

Validate beneficiaries or deliver fast FX quotes through our API DataFeeds. These dedicated services provide a fast and cost effective solution to businesses that require a more specific offering. These are single API calls that can be integrated to deliver FX quotes or beneficiary validation as a stand alone.