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Over 175 businesses trust Currencycloud

From banks to payment companies, our clients share one thing in common. They understand that working with a cloud-based Payment Engine helps them scale their business and provide exceptional service to their customers. Here's how we help:

Financial Institutions

Banks today are struggling with rock bottom interest rates and ballooning compliance costs. Integrate with Currencycloud’s Payment Engine to launch a new or enhanced cross border payments solution in as little as four weeks. With a branded platform, wholesale FX liquidity at zero markup, and fully integrated high- and low-value payment networks, you could generate a seven-figure revenue stream within the first year.

Payment Providers

Payment companies are under pressure from increased competition, shrinking margins, and a market that is shifting to higher volumes of low-value payments. Integrate our APIs into your existing systems to automate the end-to- end payment process and enhance your solutions with minimal overhead. Access our 30+ currencies and global payments ecosystem to grow your margins.

Learn how you can expand your global reach and gain market advantage. If you integrate with Currencycloud and go live this calendar year, we’ll waive minimum commitments for the first 3 months!

Connecting to the Engine

You can take advantage of our innovative Payment Engine in two simple ways:

1. The APIs

If you want to make lots of international payments and automate your end-to-end processes, you can build tailor-made solutions for your customers using our developer-friendly APIs. Our APIs have been designed to be fast, secure, transparent and increase operational efficiency while delivering cost benefits.

2. Currencycloud Direct

Our white-label Payment Engine solution is the quickest and easiest way to get you and your customers up and running. Add your own branding to its simple-to-use yet feature rich online interface. Using Currencycloud Direct means you and your customers have the power of our Payment Engine without requiring any integration.

Key components include:

Payments platform

Currencycloud account:

Your multi-currency e-wallet. View your real-time multi-currency balances and payment history.

Payments platform

Payment manager:

Make payments virtually anywhere in the world in the currency of your choice

Payments platform

Conversion manager

Convert over 30 currencies at wholesale exchange rates and see exactly what the conversion is going to cost you

Payments platform

Account manager:

Manage all aspects of your and your clients' account. Manage as many levels of authorizations as you require

Payments platform

Compliance manager

Outsource the core processes to a trusted, regulated entity

Ready to start making payments? If you integrate with Currencycloud and go live this calendar year, we’ll waive minimum commitments for the first 3 months!

We have assembled the best team of payment experts and developers in the industry to take the complexity out of international payments. Connect with us today to find the right solution for your business.
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