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To stand out from the crowd, Forex providers need to be able to respond to their customers’ needs and provide the right services to boost their revenue streams. They need a quick go-to-market solution that can capture more of their customers’ business to keep up with the competitive landscape.

We know how difficult building an international payment solution can be. Never mind obtaining the right regulatory licenses and building banking relationships in different territories, all whilst keeping pricing competitive.

Our clients use us to evolve their business by implementing a ‘one-stop shop’ trading platform for a fast and reliable international payment solution.

Payments platform

Give your customers more

Our unique product gives Forex providers a slick and simple payment solution that can easily add additional services and capabilities to your existing product portfolio. Currencycloud delivers endless opportunities for expansion.

Payments platform

Build on your strengths

Capture your market by turning your Forex customers into FX and payments customers by bypassing the banks to access and stream live, wholesale, transparent FX spreads. We eliminate associated banking fees and commission spreads for our clients so that they can pass on the savings to their customers, or create a new revenue stream for their business.

Payments platform

Outsource to the experts

Mitigate risk by leveraging our e-Money regulation for a quick go-to-market solution, and choose how you and your customers send your money - from same-day international wire transfers made directly via SWIFT, to in-country local domestic transferred via in country banking networks.

Payments platform

Simple setup

Choose from our full white-label solution or integrate against our suite of RESTful APIs. Whether launching a standalone service or enhancing an existing platform, using our technology to optimize your business couldn’t be easier.

Case study

Simplifying International Payments

The vision for Agility Forex was simple: remove the murkiness around international payments. By combining fintech innovation and applying it to traditional functions accessible via banks, Agility Forex offers users better pricing, cheaper transaction costs, time efficiency and access from anywhere.

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