Technology Partners

Currencycloud may engage the following entities and third parties to carry out specific processing or business activities on behalf of our customers, end users or ourselves.
Current as of  Oct 05, 2021


Sub Processor Name Region Purpose Website
Acora London Hosting
Amazon Webservices London, Ireland Cloud Hosting
Apply Financial UK Account Information Validation


USA, Ireland Customer Support and Productivity Services


USA Internet Firewall Services


UK Compliance Services


UK, USA, EU Cookie banner


EU Compliance Services


USA Application Performance Monitoring


UK Reconciliation Services


Moldova Outsourced Development Services


UK Compliance Services


USA Customer Support Services


EU Compliance Services

Global Data Consortium

EU Compliance Services


EU, USA Document Storage, Email and Communications Services
Kluster UK Sales and Marketing Analytics
Microsoft EU Document Storage and Communications Services
Mixpanel EU Web Analytics Services
N-iX Ukraine Outsourced Development Services
Onfido UK Compliance Check Provider
Passfort UK Compliance Services
RingCentral USA Communications Technology Services
SalesForce EU Sales and Customer Support Services
SalesLoft USA Sales Support Services
SendGrid USA Email Services
Sendoso USA Digital Gifting Platform
Sisense EU Data Analytics Services
Slack USA Communications Technology Services
Smartcat USA Document Translation Service
SnowFlake USA Data Analytics Services
SumoLogic EU Security
SWIFT EU Payment Technology Services
Trello USA Productivity Services
Twilio USA Communications Technology Services
Unified Software UK Account Information Validation
Verkada EU Site Security https://www.verkada
ZenDesk USA Customer Support Services
Zoom USA Video Communications Provider
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