Currency Cloud is awarded an E-Money licence by the FCA

Trust is the cornerstone of today’s digital world. It is the basis on which data is securely transferred, ideas are shared, and business is done. For Currency Cloud, it underpins our mission to transform the way money moves around the world. With this in mind, we are proud to announce...

Author Todd Latham 01/04/2015

The FinTech Boom In Numbers

$1 billion has been invested in European FinTeh this year with $1.4 billion of technology start-up funds created in London in just the last six months.

Author Currency Cloud 31/03/2015

Mobile Payment booms in Africa and China

2015 is already being hailed as the “Year of the Mobile” with approximately one billion people estimated to use their mobile as their only form of internet access this year. This represents a huge opportunity not only for online retailers, app makers and telecommunications firms but also for banking and...

Author Currency Cloud 25/03/2015

$10 Billion in Numbers

Currency Cloud is excited to announce that we have passed a significant milestone! We have now processed $10 billion, sending money to every corner of the earth; from Botswana to Brazil.  Our Payment Engine technology is truly the power inside, helping businesses send money around the world quickly,...

Author Currency Cloud 03/03/2015