The Regulation Behind Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have a varied history both in the UK and the US. They represent a viable financial alternative for unbanked and underbanked people, allowing them to access and store their money when the more traditional bank accounts and services are difficult for them to obtain.

Author Currency Cloud 04/08/2015

PayExpo 2015: A Spotlight on PrePaid and Payments

Mike Laven, CEO Currency Cloud

Surrounded by a diverse mix of experts from across the payments industry at PayExpo in June, we saw an unmissable opportunity to gain some insider thoughts on key industry trends. We surveyed 50 payment industry professionals at the event...

Author Currency Cloud 09/07/2015

Our $18 million funding round story

As a cloud-based technology solution disrupting the international payments space, one of the core values on which we pride ourselves is speed. We believe that moving money should be easy fast, secure and transparent. Not only is this reflected in the service that we provide to our clients, but also...

Author Mike Laven 23/06/2015