Can Banks keep up with the FinTech Revolution?

Just as the music, entertainment and retail industries are being fundamentally altered by the impact of new and innovative technologies, the major incumbents of the financial services industry (primarily big banks) have been significantly affected by the disruptive influence of the FinTech revolution. While still feeling the affect-effects caused by...

Author Currency Cloud 25/02/2015

Future Financial Capitals on the Rise

The effects of the global financial crisis of 2007-08 are still being felt and analysed to this day and one of its major implications was the significant weakening of established powerhouses in traditional financial service hubs such as London and New York. 

Author Todd Latham 19/02/2015

The March of Payment Regulation

Payment regulation is continually being improved and adjusted to make sure that businesses and individuals have the best practices in place to ensure payments around the world are effective, secure and provide the high levels of service expected. At Currency Cloud we have taken a look at some of the...

Author Currency Cloud 10/02/2015

Weighing up challenger banks

The last five years have played witness to a remarkable shake-up of the UK’s retail banking system, as the new generation, dubbed the “Challenger Banks” have established a foothold in the market and are looking to expand. While approximately 77% of the UK’s current accounts are held with one of...

Author Currency Cloud 26/01/2015