FinovateSpring: Hot Topics at This Year’s Event

Earlier this month, the Currency Cloud team attended FinovateSpring in San Jose to demo our updated Payment Engine and check out what’s new in the FinTech space.  With 72 innovators showing off their services and products, we got a glimpse into the latest FinTech trends and what’s next for this...

Author Currency Cloud 27/05/2015

The Future of Biometric Banking

As people from across the world become more comfortable using the internet for an ever widening array of interactions, the range, volume and value of personal information being stored online continues to increase exponentially. Consequently, companies and government authorities are becoming increasingly committed to developing more convenient and secure means...

Author Currency Cloud 26/05/2015

The State of APIs in Banking

In the UK the refinement and implementation of Application Programming Interface (API) technology is continually gaining support from the Government, major incumbent financial institutions, challenger banks, e-commerce and retailers as its potential becomes increasingly clear. As modern banking consumers expect quicker and more convenient access to their funds and financial...

Author Currency Cloud 14/05/2015