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What it's like to be ahead of the curve in payments

Written by: Nabeel Siddiqui
Published on: June 13, 2016

Nabeel Siddiqui, VP North America Sales talks us through what it’s like to be ahead of the curve in payments.

With $13.7 billion invested in financial technology companies in the last year, the pace of innovation in financial services is showing no signs of slowing down. Google recently made available a new mobile payments API to make Android Pay purchases easier. Square just rolled out a $1 installment plan to make EMV adoption easier among merchants. And in the B2B space, we’re seeing companies like Agility Forex making foreign exchanges simpler and more cost effective.

This is an exciting time for payments, especially when the financial services industry is going through a renaissance and placing a renewed focus on technology. It’s also an exciting time for me to join Currencycloud, a company that’s ahead of its time. By virtue of our technology, we’re helping power international payment transactions for newer, more agile companies such as Fidor Bank, Azimo and FX-Match.

When I think of what Currencycloud aims to accomplish in the world of global payments, I recall one of my favorite Steve Job quotes:

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs [BusinessWeek, May 25, 1998]

While I’ve only been with the team a few months, the commitment by Currencycloud to simplify an incredibly nuanced industry is unwavering. The momentum behind the scenes is snowballing and I’m thrilled to be a part of an exciting year for the company as we continue to innovate and re-imagine how money flows through the global digital economy.

Currencycloud is well positioned for long-term growth as it plays an instrumental role in the success of many emerging payment companies, foreign exchange brokerages, challenger banks, remittance firms, established financial institutions and online-only companies. Having spent close to 20 years in international payments with trading and broker/dealer experience, and with an extensive background in foreign exchange, I’m excited by the opportunities that lie ahead for the company as we continue to help hundreds of players in the payments ecosystem advance the industry.

The momentum we’re witnessing with Currencycloud in the U.S. is just the tip of the iceberg for our brand and the wider payments revolution. Financial services hasn’t experienced this velocity of healthy and progressive changes since the invention of the credit card. It’s an exhilarating time to be involved in payments technology.