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We're not in Kansas anymore

Written by: Mike Laven
Published on: June 17, 2016

What’s changed at Currencycloud? Well in the past three years a lot. We’ve learned from our clients about how they view the business of moving money around the world. We’ve witnessed the world of Fintech growing up with us and we’ve ensured our employees have grown up with our clients and partners to meet the challenges of the evolving business models in a digital world where compliance and security are essential. ‘It just ain’t your bog standard payments world anymore.’

The financial world has got the memo that the future is all “mobile, digital, social, data driven” and millennials want a different level of engagement with products and services they use and instant gratification. Our clients are overwhelmingly taking us on a journey through the digital economy. And what we’re doing is aligning our services, our product, our employees and our message to help our clients get there faster and ensure they are leading the way.

So take a look at our new site, see how we are working towards making a better tomorrow for all. We refreshed ourselves with a new look and a message that’s focussed on the next generation of payments. Come along!!