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1 platform, 35+ local currencies, 212 countries, unlimited potential

Payments platform

Stay competitive

In today’s saturated market, the power is in the hands of the merchant. Maintain your market leading status by offering merchant payments multiple times a day, in the currency they require, with no hidden fees. Stay competitive by providing instant access to more than 35 currencies, and expand quickly across geographies that have multiple currency needs.

Payments platform

Introduce new revenue streams

Cross-border payments have changed. With our Payment Engine you can exchange currencies and send funds with just a few clicks of a mouse. What’s more, you have instant access to live wholesale FX rates, so you can choose to add a mark-up and create a new revenue stream for yourself, or pass the saving on to your customers.

Payments platform

Optimize payment processing

Payment processing no longer needs to be complicated. Our powerful back office solution, available via a single integration with our Payment Engine has been designed to remove the need for an army of payment processors. Automating the process reduces your overheads, eliminates errors and allows your team to concentrate on what’s important.

Payments platform

Differentiate service & drive loyalty

Cash is no longer king. Change is being driven by today’s tech-savvy consumers and merchants are feeling the pain of not being able to facilitate the latest trend in payments. As such, it is critical you are able to facilitate modern day processing of multiple payment methods for your merchants.

Case study

Helping MANGOPAY to serve the online marketplace

When looking to do business across borders, things can be tough. Strategy, partnerships and technology are key elements to the success or failure of any company.

By putting technology at the heart of their business model, MANGOPAY were able to reduce time, effort and cost of getting to market but don’t just take our word for it:

“We turned to Currencycloud to help us accept and send international payments and quickly expand into new markets. Currencycloud’s easy-to- embed Payment Engine allows us to offer our customers payments in 28 countries, transparently convert 30+ currencies and send quick payments via SWIFT to 212 countries. Any with the help of only a single developer, we were up and running in just a couple of weeks.”

- Romain Mazeries, Managing Director, MANGOPAY

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