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Meet the Hosts

Piers Marais

Product Director, Currencycloud

Piers is the Product Director for Payments at Currencycloud. It’s his job to make sure that we’re always keeping pace with the latest payment innovation. With over five years of experience in Product Management, Piers defines the strategy for Currencycloud’s Payments network, oversees integrations with partner banks around the globe, and drives improvements in automation and scalability to support our clients’ payment growth.

Hamish Anderson

CEO, Money Mover

Hamish is Co-founder and CEO of Money Mover, the first global payments and currency exchange platform specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). He has over 15 years experience at several banks and financial technology businesses, culminating in running European prime brokerage (hedge fund financing) sales at HSBC. Hamish left that role in early 2014 to set up Money Mover with co-founder, Andrew Comber.