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1 platform, 35+ currencies, 212 countries, global payout network

Payments platform

Efficient go-to-market

Easy and accessible APIs plus an experienced implementation team get you up and running in a number of weeks.

Payments platform

Maximise revenues

Own and control your FX revenue by accessing our SWIFT and local in-country banking network.

Payments platform

Reduce Operational overhead

Our platform handles FX processing end to end, removing manual intervention and opex costs.

Payments platform

Remove risk

Real-time transactions allow you to reduce exposure to currency volatility, protecting your margin.

Case study

Building a global money app with Revolut

The Revolut team set out with a clear goal in mind – to build a fair and frictionless platform to use and manage money around the world. To bring this vision to life, they needed to challenge hidden banking costs, and eliminate reliance on the old-fashioned banking industry. However, Revolut faced a hostillity from the major UK banks, many of whom were reluctant to provide bank accounts for money service businesses.

Currencycloud enabled Revolut to make its vision a reality, negotiating the unwieldy compliance process with the banks, and allowing for quick bank account set up across multiple countries.

““What made Currencycloud so appealing for us is that they’re very start-up friendly – they’re a start-up themselves, with great technology, a really good API – they’re helping their clients.””

- Nikolay Storonsky, Founder & CEO, Revolut

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