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Payments platform

Manage and reduce risk

By integrating to Currencycloud’s Payment Engine, businesses reduce their exposure to currency volatility by providing a real time price for each transaction. Connecting to the Payment Engine dramatically reduces the complexity of the process required to manage risk and volatility with FX pricing, in addition to reducing costs and time delays.

Payments platform

Monetize and optimize your product

By connecting to our Payment Engine via our APIs, you gain access to our wholesale, real time FX rates. We put you in control and provide functionality that allows you to add a mark-up, or pass the savings on to your end customer. What’s more, our powerful Payment Engine automates the process end-to-end so you don’t need an army of employees behind the scenes.

Payments platform

Remove complexity

Currencycloud delivers end-to-end automation across all levels of the Prepaid ecosystem that have foreign currency requirements. We significantly reduce costs, errors and time taken to process this part of the operation. Integration brings instant access to a fast and transparent international bank network, reducing the friction traditionally associated with international payments.
Payments platform

Scale for growth

Our next generation Payment Engine is built by developers for developers. Currencycloud offers a complete solution with minimal set up costs and removes the requirement for large capital expenditure. And we can you have up and running in as a little as four weeks.

Case study

Providing Centtrip with instant, transparent & fair exchange rates

Centtrip gives customers direct access to a live currency they can control themselves via a multi-currency prepaid card and e-money account. Unlike conventional credit or debit cards, which only allow users to make payment in one currency, Centtrip's prepaid MasterCard can hold multiple currencies in one account, free of point-of- sale charges. Customers can convert and pay in up to 14 currencies using a single card, avoiding bank charges and fees.

By integrating with Currencycloud’s Payment Engine, Centtrip were able to give customers direct access to a live currency market so that they can enjoy transparent, fair and competitive exchange rates. It’s the first thing their customers see so it’s a critical component of their offering. A transparent view of live market rates is the bedrock upon which Centtrip is founded and can be trusted as the best provider of travel money.

““Currencycloud is designed to work with, and accelerate businesses like ours, which has been evident at every stage of our journey. We wouldn’t be able to function without them.””

- Brian Jamieson, Centtrip Co-founder

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