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payment management



Currencycloud’s Manage functionality is your window to our payment platform. Multiple levels of control make international payments seamless and easy. Manage every aspect of your Currencycloud Account: balances, notifications, permissions, reporting and more.


  • Admin user interface – authenticate access to the API with login/out functionality.


  • Multi-level authentication – add multiple layers of authentication and authorizations, and define authorization levels to match your company’s needs

  • Notifications – enable notifications based on certain actions

  • Pricing management – manage the margin markup that you pass on to your customers

  • Sub accounts – give your customers accounts and enable customer-to-customer balance transfers


  • Multi-currency balances – allow users to hold multiple currencies in a virtual ledger and access balance information in any currency. Users can fund, convert, and pay out using balances, speeding up the delivery of funds to a beneficiary bank account.


  • User permissions – control user access and permissions

Reference Data

  • Collect reference data needed to make international payments, from required beneficiary details to available currency exchanges and more


  • Payment tracking – track your payments, see and receive status notifications

  • Reconciliation – reconcile your payments and conversions


  • Transaction reporting – see transaction history and status reports

Meet our APIs

Want to get more technical? Take a look at our Developer Center and full suite of API documentation. Set up your own API to give you access to our live demo environment.

APIs available in Manage: Authenticate, Accounts, Balances, Contacts, Reference Data, Transactions

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Make domestic and international payments in 37 currencies to over 180 countries.

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Make domestic and international payments in 38 currencies to over 180 countries.

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