Margin call

A margin call means that the exchange rate has moved sufficiently so that the initial margin held is no longer sufficient to support the “open” or unsettled trades and additional deposit is required to cover the risk to the provider.


Margin is financial collateral used to cover credit risk and is set aside as a good will deposit as collateral to hold a position against future trades as security to cover any potential losses the provider may incur as a result of non-settlement of the trade.

Mid-market rate

The mid-market rate is the average rate between the bid and offer rates agreed upon when conducting a foreign exchange transaction.

Measuring rates

Since most currencies are quoted to a maximum of 4 decimal places, movement in currency rates, no matter how small, will have an impact on the price you pay. Rates are measured in three factors. These are spreads, pips and basis points. The spread is the difference between ‘bid’ and ‘offer’ prices.