Permitted Jurisdictions

Currencycloud has restricted the countries that it will service, at both the client level and at the payer level for layered/nested relationships. Refer to the table below for a list of permitted jurisdictions.

Neither our client or our client’s customers (ultimate payer) should be based outside of the below jurisdictions. Any payments with a payer outside of the permitted jurisdiction will be failed automatically by our transaction monitoring system at the point of processing.

Please note that this list will be reviewed and updated periodically.


Åland Islands Guadeloupe Monaco
Australia Guernsey Netherlands
Australia Hong Kong New Zealand
Austria Hungary Norway
Belgium Iceland Poland
Bulgaria India Portugal
Canada Ireland Réunion
Cayman Islands Isle of Man Romania
China Israel Singapore
Croatia Italy Slovakia
Cyprus Japan Slovenia
Czech Republic Jersey South Africa
Denmark Latvia South Korea
Estonia Liechtenstein Spain
Finland Lithuania Sweden
France Luxembourg Switzerland
Germany Malta Taiwan
Gibraltar Martinique United Kingdom
Greece Mayotte United States
Saint Martin (French part)


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