This new functionality offers the user the capability to extract information from the Currencycloud platform in a CSV (.csv) format.

There are 2 different types of reports available:

● Payment Report

● Conversion Report

Reporting permissions

There are two permissions related to the reporting functionality on Currencycloud Direct:

● Read Report: This permission provides the corresponding users the ability to access the list of reports generated within their account.

● Write Report: This permission allows the corresponding user to request the creation of a new report through the Currencycloud API

Create report

Report creation is initiated from the Payments and Conversions Search pages. After performing a search for payments or conversions you can view the results on the screen. You can further filter the results by changing the search criteria and perform a new search by clicking on the “Search” button. To generate a report that includes the results shown on the screen, click the “Request Report” button.

After clicking the”Request Report” button, a confirmation message is shown on the screen, and the screen refreshes to show the report request details.

Find report

All the report requests submitted within an account are available under the Reports tab on the Search page of the application. Access to this tab is provided via the “Read Report” permission.

The search fields on the top of the page can be used to filter the list of reports shown on the screen. If a report is in completed status, the file of the report is available for download. By clicking on the corresponding “Download” button the relevant .csv file is downloaded. By clicking on the reference of the report, the page with the details of the report is presented as shown below.

Report statuses

Processing – initial state, which means that your request is processing (collecting data, generating report, storing report).

Completed – report in this state is successfully generated and contains a link to report. You can fetch it by ID and see all information related to this report and an url to download the CSV report.

Failed – this state means that something went wrong and report generation was failed. CSV report link will be absent.

Expired – when a report is generated successfully, it will expire after a day.

Report content

Payment report

Payment report files contain the following information in a CSV format.

Entity Field Column Title on CSV Report
Contact your_reference Contact Reference
Contact id Contact ID
Contact login_id Creator Login ID
Contact first_name Creator First Name
Contact last_name Creator Last Name
Contact account_name Creator Account Name
Payer Id Payer ID
Payer legal_entity_type Payer Type
Payer company_name Payer Company Name
Payer first_name Payer First Name
Payer last_name Payer Last Name
Conversions uuid Conversion Unique ID
Conversion short_reference Conversion Reference
Conversion Unique_request_id Conversion Unique Request ID
Conversion sell_currency Sell Currency of Conversion
Conversion sell_amount Sell Amount of the Conversion (client_sell_amount)
Conversion Order_sell_amount Amount of currency sold for the specific line. This should be equal to (Payment Amount / Client Rate
Conversion client_rate Client Rate
Conversion Settlement_date Conversion Settlement Date
Conversion Settlement_reference Conversion Settlement short reference
Conversion Conversion_date Conversion Date
Payment uuid Payment Unique ID
Payment short_reference Payment Short Reference
Payment amount Amount
Payment Unique_request_id Payment Unique Request ID
Payment currency Currency
Payment status Status
Payment payment_type Payment Type
Payment reference Reference
Payment reason Reason
Payment failure_reason Failure Reason
Payment payment_group_id Payment Group ID
Payment bulk_upload_reference Bulk Upload reference
Payment payment_date Payment Date
Payment created_at Payment Creation Date
Beneficiary name Beneficiary Nickname
Beneficiary beneficiary_entity_type Beneficiary Entity Type
Beneficiary beneficiary_company_name Beneficiary Company Name
Beneficiary beneficiary_first_name Beneficiary First Name
Beneficiary beneficiary_last_name Beneficiary Last Name
Beneficiary bank_account_holder_name Beneficiary Bank Account Holder Name
Beneficiary beneficiary_address Beneficiary Address
Beneficiary beneficiary_city Beneficiary City
Beneficiary beneficiary_postcode Beneficiary Postcode
Beneficiary beneficiary_state_or_province Beneficiary State of Province
Beneficiary beneficiary_country Beneficiary Country
Beneficiary email Beneficiary Email
Beneficiary beneficiary_date_of_birth Beneficiary Date of Birth
Beneficiary beneficiary_identification_type Beneficiary ID type
Beneficiary beneficiary_identification_value Beneficiary ID Value
Beneficiary account_number Beneficiary Account Number
Beneficiary routing_code_type_1 Beneficiary Routing Type 1
Beneficiary routing_code_value_1 Beneficiary Routing Value 1
Beneficiary routing_code_type_2 Beneficiary Routing Type 2
Beneficiary routing_code_value_2 Beneficiary Routing Value 2
Beneficiary bic_swift BIC/SWIFT
Beneficiary iban IBAN
Beneficiary bank_country Beneficiary Bank Country
Beneficiary bank_name Beneficiary Bank Name
Beneficiary bank_account_type Beneficiary Bank Account Type
Beneficiary bank_address Beneficiary Bank Address
Beneficiary created_at Beneficiary Created At
Beneficiary updated_at Beneficiary Updated At

Conversion report

Conversion report files contain the following information in a CSV format.

Entity Field Column Title on CSV Report
Account account_name Account Name
Account your_reference Account Reference
Contact login_id Contact Login ID
Contact id Contact ID
Contact your_reference Contact Reference
Contact first_name Contact First Name
Contact last_name Contact Last Name
Conversion uuid Conversion Unique ID
Conversion short_reference Conversion Reference
Conversion Unique_request_id Unique Request ID
Conversion settlement_date Settlement Date
Conversion conversion_date Conversion Date
Conversion created_at Conversion Creation Date
Conversion updated_at Conversion Updated Date
Conversion client_status Client Status
Conversion partner_status Partner Status
Conversion buy_currency Buy Currency
Conversion sell_currency Sell Currency
Conversion fixed_side Fixed Side
Conversion partner_buy_amount Partner Buy Amount
Conversion partner_sell_amount Partner Sell Amount
Conversion client_buy_amount Client Buy Amount
Conversion client_sell_amount Client Sell Amount
Conversion core_rate Core Rate
Conversion partner_rate Partner Rate
Conversion client_rate Client Rate
Conversion unallocated_funds Unallocated Funds
Conversion deposit_required Deposit Required
Conversion deposit_amount Deposit Amount
Conversion deposit_currency Deposit Currency
Conversion deposit_status Deposit Status
Conversion deposit_required_at Deposit Required At
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