The funds have not arrived

Double check the recipient’s bank details against the details in the payment confirmation and make sure they match. Are there any other external factors that could delay the payment such as a bank holiday?

If the money has not arrived and there is no reasonable explanation, the first port of call is to obtain an MT103 message for SWIFT (Standard) payments via the platform or API. The MT103 can be given to the beneficiary bank in order to help them locate the funds.

If the MT103 doesn’t prove to be of use then we can place a trace on the payment to locate where funds are, although this will only be done on a “best endeavours” basis. This will incur a fee (please refer to your contract).

The option to locate local transfers is not available.

To help avoid payment delays, always reference your payments clearly and pass the reference details onto the beneficiary so they know to look for it.

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