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Sharif Mohamed

Lendtech Consultant

Sharif is the EMEA Lendtech Consultant at Currencycloud, working with lenders to improve infrastructure, Payments and FX capabilities. Sharif comes from a background in lending having spent over 5 years working across various teams in iwoca, including leading business development for the partnerships team and then later, iwocaPay.

Ben Sher

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben has worked in the financial technology sector for nearly 20 years, initially within investment banking and more recently SME lending. Prior to joining Funding Xchange in September 2020, Ben led the growth and development of a number of leading providers in the Fintech space. As CCO of a lending Fintech, Ben is passionate about driving market adoption of innovative technologies that improve access to funding solutions for SMEs while improving conversion rates and customer engagement for lenders.

Harry Cranfield

Partner Channel Manager

Harry leads the acquisition channel within iwoca that delivers new customers through partners that integrate with iwoca’s Lending API. He is responsible for partnerships that include banks, accountancy software providers, marketplaces and other Fintechs. Harry is passionate about using technology to simplify the process of accessing finance for small businesses, so that business owners can invest their valuable time towards making their business thrive.

Shaun O’Keeffe

Senior Marketing Manager

A key member of Marqeta Europe’s team, Shaun has created a dynamic community of Fintech and banking innovators around the exciting concept of Lending 3.0. The group aims to provide a space in which ideas flourish and transformative solutions emerge. And it’s bearing fruit – a recent Fintech Talents Lending 3.0 event attracted more than 1,300 delegates from across Europe to discuss opportunities and challenges facing lenders. Alongside lending innovation, Shaun champions Marqeta’s unique card issuing and payment processing platform, which is used by Klarna, Capital on Tap, Twisto, Lydia and more to deliver digital card programmes that change the game both in terms of modern financial services propositions and customer experience.

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