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Connecting to
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Our cloud platform allows you and your customers to send funds to over 200 countries with behind the scenes compliance protocols to ensure your institution meets all cross-border regulatory requirements.

Whether you need to update legacy payments systems and outsource business processes or you’re looking to develop an entirely new digital offering, we’ll help you find the right solution for your bank.

Two easy ways to connect

White-label user interface

We get it, you want to get up and running fast but need to carefully manage risk. You also may not have the technical resources in house to develop an elaborate payment offering.

Access our user interface to launch a pilot program outside of your infrastructure in as little as two weeks, allowing you to innovate in a controlled environment. Simply plug your brand into our ready-made user interface and start processing payments fast. No integration required.

The APIs

Banks look to our intelligent APIs to create a sophisticated mix of digital products and to deliver operational efficiency. Automate the entire payments process from converting funds to mass beneficiary payouts, and get better insights on business processes with our reporting and analytics, all through a single integration.

Contact us today to create a payments solution for your business.

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Business solutions

At Currencycloud we don't sell a product. We identify strong partners to build an international payments business on top of our platform and together we develop a scalable strategy. Here’s how we support your business:

Transparent conversions

Buy, sell and convert over 30 currencies at low cost. You’ll always have access to live, wholesale rates.

Avoid currency fluctuations

Schedule a conversion date and reduce currency risk with a forward contract. Lock in an exchange rate up to one year in advance.

Automate and reconcile payouts

Schedule payments and reduce fees by splitting a single conversion between multiple beneficiaries. Check balances and track payment status, all from one view.

Profit center

Access to wholesale FX means you can generate up to seven figures in revenue simply by charging your customers a markup. Our flexible system allows you to customize margins at the account level or by currency.

Get better control of your business

Manage faster customer onboarding, validate beneficiary and bank details, set permissions or authorization limits for multiple users/accounts to control risk.

Trusted and secure partner

Currencycloud is regulated in the UK, US and Canada, compliant with FCA regulations and FATF payment standards, and is certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013.


We do far more than just send payments. We've built a powerful range of solutions to give you the tools and support you need to move beyond traditional processes in search of a smarter and easier way of doing business. Check out some of these resources to see how our cloud platform could transform your bank's global payments services and optimize your business processes.

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