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Webinar On-Demand Six reasons you should rethink your global payments strategy

December, 2017

The current payment landscape can present operational nightmares—especially when that involves juggling different business laws, currencies and fluctuating exchange rates.

Tune in as we explore how some of today’s biggest payment companies—including Revolut, Travelex, HackerOne and many more—are leveraging the latest technology to carry out international payments without sacrificing time, money, transparency or control.

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December, 2017

About the hosts

Arshi Singh

Director of US Product

Arshi heads up the North American Product Team at Currencycloud. Arshi has 15 years of experience managing product roadmaps, building partnerships with banks, and defining the strategic direction for various companies in the fintech space.

Chris D'Antuono

Director of Business Development

Chris is Director of Business Development at Currencycloud. He has spent the last four years helping large enterprises implement digital payments and transaction-related solutions around the world.