Currencycloud Blog May 25, 2023

How we’re helping Monese customers collect in 34 currencies

We recently expanded our partnership with Monese, the leading pan-European fintech, enabling account holders to receive money in 34 currencies. 

The new service, which has been rolled out to Monese customers over the past few weeks, is a major upgrade for the millions of customers Monese has across Europe. In the past, customers had been limited to receiving just  three currencies – GBP, Euro, and Romanian Leu. 

Norris Koppel, Monese CEO, said: “We’ve wanted to bring this functionality to customers for some time so I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to work alongside Currencycloud to do so. Our customers can now collect, convert and payout in a much broader range of commonly used currencies”.

Monese customers will now have the opportunity to get an additional IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for receiving multiple currencies. Each IBAN is unique to the customer, making payments easier to track and simplifying the reconciliation process. This can come with a raft of benefits: from time and cost savings for customers to increased security. 

Mike Laven, Currencycloud CEO, echoed the sentiment: “This work is a really straightforward fintech success story: two companies using technology to make life easier for people. We’re so pleased to be expanding our work with the team at Monese and expect the new offering to be very popular with their European customer base”. 

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