Convert Payments

Currency converter API’s enable you to seamlessly integrate exchange rates

Gain live access 24/7 to currency exchange rates. Save money on your own transactions, plus generate revenue by attracting customers with competitive low rates and monetizing your FX services.

Real-Time Rates

Access live, rate quotes instantly to secure the best FX rate before confirming a currency conversion. Exchange rate API’s allow you to utilize forward contracts to lock in great FX rates for up to a year.


Immediate access to exchange rates.


Hundreds of currency pairs.



capitalize on a 12-month rate lock.

Conversion Management

Manage and oversee all your trades through one platform, granting seamless control over your transactions. Easily divide your trades as needed and adjust schedules to optimize your trading strategy as needed.


Split your trades.


Cancel a trade at any time.

Change Date

Change the date of future conversions.

Weekend FX

No longer be hindered by traditional banking hours that limit when you can trade. Get rates and convert foreign currencies 24/7 with a currency converter API. Use the same tools on the weekend that you use throughout the week for seamless management with no gap in business processes.


The same APIs that you use throughout the week.


Tools available 24/7.

Minimize Risk

Minimize FX risk anytime, anywhere.



Unlock point-of-sale FX rates for your customers. Regain control and lock in your rates to deliver instant, accurate rates and transparency to your customers, even when they are abroad.


Deliver a compelling travel money proposition for customers.


Provide immediate spend insight.


Minimize time for international charges to clear.

Stay on top of the world of global finance

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Create Your Embedded Finance Ecosystem

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