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Disrupt finance with our modular payments and FX platform.

Branded for you: the ultimate UX

In today’s competitive world, your customers and users have high demands. Our solution can be integrated within your ecosystem, in your brand, and is hardware-independent — meaning that if you have a new mobile app, it’s supported.

Fully integrated modular fintech payment solutions

Embed our developer friendly, RESTful APIs into your platform to customize a payment solution for your unique needs. Our APIs are fully scalable and designed to fit into your workflows, so you retain complete control over your platform.

Easy local payment networks

Achieve instant access to 35+ currencies in over 180 countries. Use our local payment network to avoid fees associated with international payments and eliminate reconciliation errors to create a pain-free customer experience.

Unmatched transparency

Lift the veil and experience cross-border payments without all of the hidden fees and markups. With Currencycloud, you get full visibility of your rate as well as the rate we get, so you can be 100% certain that your business is getting the best possible price.

Real-time wholesale FX rates

Banks provide a static day rate. We provide real-time FX rates that are close to the mid-market rate, empowering your company to compete with major industry players.


Typically, every bank that touches an international payment takes a cut. We enable your business to skip the middleman and bring that revenue in-house. Add a markup to FX rates and build an additional stream of revenue — or pass the savings on to your customers and build value into your business.


Thanks to Currencycloud, we were able to avoid additional regulatory or technology hurdles, by relying on its ready-established, compliant platform. The Currencycloud team has been there and done it — they get the start-up mentality and made the whole launch process easier for us by adapting to our timelines and requirements.

Norris Koppe Founder & CEO, Monese

What made Currencycloud so appealing for us is that they’re very start-up friendly — they’re a start-up themselves, with great technology, a really good API — they’re helping their clients.

Nikolay Storonsky Founder & CEO, Revolut

I’d recommend Currencycloud to any company that needs to send money across the world. It is in my view the easiest and cheapest way to do this. Integration with Currencycloud’s API gets the nerds at Paddle excited and is a super simple, streamlined process.

Hugo Grimston CFO, Paddle

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