FX International Payments for Brokers


Our payment platform easily integrates with your ecosystem enabling you to get to market fast while offering end-to-end automation, liquidity redundancy, and immediate expansion into global markets — complete with full-scale compliance support.

Why Choose Our FX Payment Solutions

Easy access

Trade any time, anywhere with easy access to the platform.

Seamless customer experience

Our white-label design allows you to integrate our technology within your platform while maintaining your brand. No separate payment portals. No friction. Just a smooth, seamless payment experience.

Flexible and branded

Not only is our technology platform designed to fit your business, it can also be fully branded to look and feel just like your business. Its flexibility allows you to run a full service brokerage — all depending on your needs.

Real-time FX rates

Our platform provides real-time rates close to the mid-market rate, enabling your money service business to keep pace with the competition and provide the best possible prices.

Complete and total transparency

No hidden markups or fees. We show you the rate you get in addition to the rate we get from the bank.

Increased revenue

With your new low rates, you can choose to mark up your foreign exchange rates creating a new stream of revenue, or pass the savings onto the customer, adding value to your service.

FX International Payment Success Stories

We listened to our customers, who regularly gave referrals into other regions, and businesses across the globe requesting our services. Our partnership with Currencycloud will allow us to move swiftly into new territories and deliver the fast, secure, stress-free and competitive payments service we have become known for in Canada.

Dave Kelcher CEO at Shift Connect

Currencycloud’s platform provides a strong breadth of currencies and industry-leading platform technology that will allow our customers to manage their FX exposure and move their money at a low cost, with fully transparent pricing.

Alex Arnold Co-founder & CEO, Dunbridge Financial

One of the world’s leading FX authorities, OANDA is dedicated to helping companies optimise cash flow, manage currency risk and build their bottom line. As such, we’re delighted to be partnering with Shift Connect and Currencycloud in order to add OANDA FX Payments to our best-in-class range of corporate currency solutions, which are trusted by audit firms, tax authorities, and multinational corporations all over the world.

Lucian Lauerman Head of OANDA FX Data Services

When we were developing our platform, we knew we needed to provide our customers with an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Currencycloud’s white labeled platform enabled us to quickly launch a product that exceeded expectations and positioned us as a go-to FX solution for both individuals and SMEs.

Andrew McGuire CEO and Co-Founder of Agility Forex

I've been partnering with Currencycloud for several years now as an unregulated FX broker and I couldn't be happier with the experience. They offer a wide range of currencies and payment options, making it easy to offer my clients competitive rates and seamless transactions. What really sets them apart is their exceptional customer service. The team has been there for me every step of the way, providing guidance and answering any questions I have. Overall, I would highly recommend Currencycloud as a partner to any FX broker looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform.

Glen Hooper Director of FCI Currency Limited

We’ve partnered with Currency Cloud since our inception back in 2018 and haven’t looked back. The facilities and team at CurrencyCloud have enabled us to bring to life the vision we had for what a foreign exchange brokerage should be. With their ongoing support we’ve been able to grow as a business and establish ourselves in the marketplace knowing that we have a reliable and secure partner working with us at every step allowing to provide and exceptional experience and customer service to our clients

Gary Steadman COO at Spartan FX Limited

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