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Currencycloud’s pricing model permits an institution to grow business while maintaining the fair amount of revenue. They allow a bank to be competitive and sophisticated compared to other banks that are larger in size and have a more established business.

Bob Murray, Director - Foreign Exchange

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The partnership with Currencycloud has been vital to the success of Shyft. Currencycloud really understood the challenges Standard Bank was facing and have delivered a solution that improved our speed to market, whilst reducing costs and delivering operational efficiency.

Arno Von Helden, Executive Head

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Thanks to Currencycloud, we were able to avoid additional regulatory or technology hurdles, by relying on its ready-established, compliant platform. The Currencycloud team has been there and done it — they get the start-up mentality and made the whole launch process easier for us by adapting to our timelines and requirements.

Norris Koppe, Founder & CEO

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What made Currencycloud so appealing for us is that they’re very start-up friendly — they’re a start-up themselves, with great technology, a really good API — they’re helping their clients.

Nikolay Storonsky, Founder & CEO

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We listened to our customers, who regularly gave referrals into other regions, and businesses across the globe requesting our services. Our partnership with Currencycloud will allow us to move swiftly into new territories and deliver the fast, secure, stress-free and competitive payments service we have become known for in Canada.

Dave Kelcher, CEO

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When we were developing our platform, we knew we needed to provide our customers with an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Currencycloud’s white labeled platform enabled us to quickly launch a product that exceeded expectations and positioned us as a go-to FX solution for both individuals and SMEs.

Andrew McGuire, CEO and Co-Founder

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