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PSD2 and GDPR: Conflicting regulations?

PSD2 came into force in January 2018, while the GDPR deadline is May. How can the two seemingly different regulations work together? This year marks the arrival of two important EU regulations that will impact the financial sector: The update to the general data...

Protecting data: Who must comply with EU GDPR?

The update to data protection regulation is coming. Who, exactly, needs to comply? There will be huge implications for anyone that does not adequately protect personal data when the EU update to data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into place in just three months’...

Open Banking: Ignore the mainstream media

Open Banking came into force on 13 January and was met with a caterwauling chorus of cynicism by the mainstream media. Hysterical headlines about hucksters andfraudsters were the order of the day, with claims that consumers are “fearful and confused” after an anaemic...