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We’ve created a toolkit of payment and conversion APIs to help you succeed in today’s digital economy. Designed for businesses that want to make frequent payments, our APIs automate your end-to-end payment processes and rapidly deliver tailor-made solutions for your customers. We’ve taken care of all the hard stuff to give you the freedom, speed and visibility to manage a rapidly changing payments world.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is basically a set of functions and procedures that allows two applications to talk to each other. People use APIs every day without realising it. Each time you use an app on your phone like Google Maps or the weather, you’re using an API. The API allows your phone to talk to the weather application and exchange information that displays on your phone.

A guide to APIs

Watch our short explainer video to bring you up to speed.

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Currencycloud’s APIs

Think of our APIs like building blocks to help you build the next cross-border payment innovation. We’re giving you the tools to design, innovate and optimize your product and operations. With a simple integration, you gain access to our entire payment ecosystem that makes cross-border payments easy, fast and transparent.

Our APIs are built to modern web standards and are organized around REST. This means that we can make incremental updates to the code without it affecting your operations, but you reap the benefits each and every update brings. Building on Currencycloud means you get early access to the latest technologies so your business can move with the rate of change.

Free from complexity

  • No more infrastructure headaches
  • No massive CapEx costs
  • No more concerns about regulatory standards

Grow your business

  • Quickly access and enter new markets
  • A completely scalable solution
  • Pay the world – convert in real-time at wholesale FX rates and payout to over 180 countries
  • Generate new revenue streams

Amaze your customers

  • Freedom to configure our technology platform and APIs as you please
  • Our APIs fit into your workflows, so you retain complete control over your customer’s experience
  • Completely secure

API features

Our APIs are organized into four areas of cross-border payments functionality: Collect, Convert, Pay, Manage so that developers can easily navigate to the features that are right for your product.

Developer Center

Our Developer Center contains everything you need to get building with our APIs. From comprehensive API documentation to Software Development Kits (SDKs) in multiple languages, developers will have everything at their fingertips to get started.

Support through implementation

While a lot of developers are keen to get coding, we have an all-star team of solution specialists who can hold your hand every step of the way, should you need it. Deeply technical, they know our APIs inside out and have been privy to hundreds of uses cases, so there isn’t a payment challenge they can’t help you overcome.



Make domestic and international payments in 37 currencies to over 180 countries.

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Make domestic and international payments in 38 currencies to over 180 countries.

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Case studies

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