Bridging the Gap: A Survey on Alternative Financing

Fintech solutions have become increasingly popular amongst SMEs as a viable alternative for obtaining external financing and improving business performance. Both banks and SMEs recognise the immense opportunities that fintech solutions bring to the table.

For SMEs, adopting fintech solutions is vital for their success, as these technologies not only offer streamlined processes for accessing financing but also revolutionize various aspects of the financial industry. Fintech platforms leverage innovative technologies such as AI and big data analytics to swiftly assess creditworthiness and meet a diverse range of financial needs, enabling SMEs to obtain financing quickly and efficiently while supporting their growth and adaptability in ever-changing market conditions.

In partnership with Asian Banking & Finance, this survey report explores the sentiments banks have on fintech solutions and SMEs’ sentiments on alternative financing. This symbiotic relationship between banks and fintech companies holds the potential to revolutionise the SME sector, driving progress and prosperity in the dynamic Asian markets.

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