Bringing increased transparency to international payments

Featuring Hamish Anderson, CEO of Money Mover

International payments have come a long way from what they used to be. The boom of Fintech and digital banking in recent years has created a more user friendly service when sending money across borders. However, there is still little visibility over these payments, leading to delays, uncertainty and frustrated customers.

Thankfully, companies like Currencycloud and Money Mover exist to take the complexity out of international payments and to bring more transparency to the industry. Currencycloud recently became the first non-bank to be able to offer payment tracking to our customers, utilizing SWIFT gpi.

Download this exclusive webinar to hear Hamish Anderson, CEO of Money Mover, and Piers Marais, Product Director at Currencycloud, discussing the current landscape in the payments industry and why payment tracking is a game-changer for the future of international payments.

Key points covered in the discussion:

  • How Money Mover is transforming international payments.
  • Why payment tracking using SWIFT GPI is such a game changer.
  • How to increase customer confidence with quick, transparent self-service tracking of international payments.