Fintech’s Secret Sauce

Over the past decade, Fintech has transformed the financial landscape, providing new capabilities to businesses and end users, and seeing the space become increasingly tailored, targeted and refined. Complete the form to download the ebook and discover the secret sauce to Fintech success.

The result is that while financial services historically took a one-size-fits-most approach, Fintech has instead focused on providing specific solutions for niche groups, resulting in financial experiences that better meet the needs of businesses and their customers.

Written in partnership with FXC Intelligence, experts from Mambu, Integrated Finance, DriveWealth & Currencycloud share their opinions on how partnering with niche solution experts allows Fintechs to get to market and power-up quickly.

“There’s been a movement in the market to not be all things to all men, but to comprehensively solve discrete problems,” Richard Stockley, Director of Partnerships, Currencycloud.


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