Follow the money: embedded finance today and tomorrow

We are on the precipice of a paradigm shift in the way we engage with finance. While traditionally we see financial activities as the sole domain of banks, payment companies and other financial institutions, this is beginning to change due to the emergence of a group of technologies known as embedded finance.

Embedded finance describes when traditional financial processes are integrated into other environments or ecosystems, powered by banking-as-a-service, APIs from financial services providers, or similar. The result is non-financial companies providing financial services that sit quietly in the background of other processes.

We are beginning to see this shift in the everyday lives of consumers, but it is becoming more prevalent there is opportunity everywhere.

Download our report to understand where those opportunities exist and what the global trends are, supported with the insight of experts from Currencycloud, OpenPayd, Pynk, Weavr, Anthemis and Tribe Payments.

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