Paying a global workforce

Turning FX payments into a revenue stream

Remote working is mainstream. Large enterprises to small start-ups are now utilizing technology to connect their skilled workforce globally and taking advantage of access to a truly worldwide market for talent. Many firms, especially those that employ remote workers, use specialized Employer of Record (EOR) providers or Freelancer Marketplaces to access this talent pool.

Both EOR and Freelancer Marketplaces have scaled to meet the considerable changes to working accelerated by the pandemic, enabling companies to hire employees from anywhere. They’ve embraced the ‘new normal’ and have seen incredible growth.

But with this shift towards global comes challenges for EOR and Freelancer Marketplace companies as they navigate cross-border payments and FX transactions. Download this ebook to learn:

  • Why platforms that connect employers and workers globally should rethink the way they manage their payments
  • How the traditional model of cross-border payments is broken and leading to a poor experience for workers
  • How rethinking EOR providers and Freelancer platforms can rethink their international costs and monetize FX transactions
  • Why doing so can provide an extra revenue stream, without impacting on the exceptional service these firms offer to their clients