Why it’s time to make compliance front of mind

The go-go days of 2019/2023 when Fintechs could attract venture capital (VC) funding with a snazzy PowerPoint deck and a killer idea are a distant memory now. In a few short years the landscape has changed, dramatically. Covid, inflation, impending recession, war in Europe have meant that the goalposts have well and truly shifted for Fintechs looking to raise funds and move from start-up to scale-up.

However it’s not a completely desolate landscape in 2023. There is still funding to be had for those Fintechs that have combined good governance, prudent financial management and lean operations with their killer idea. But only if compliance is an integral part of that mix. Download this ebook to discover why Fintechs need to raise their compliance game when building out their businesses. With insight from ComplyAdvantage, Thistle Initiatives and Volition Partners, discover why it’s now time to make compliance front of mind.

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