Video Interview Series

Unlocking Success for Wealth Management in APAC

Assets under management (AUM) in APAC are set to grow at a faster rate than any other regions in the years to come. Indeed, wealth management firms foresee strong growth in investing, following a rise in the region’s growing mass affluent in particular. Wealthtechs are now a hot topic as service providers evolve to improve the delivery of wealth management services and meet the needs of investors today who are more sophisticated and digitally native. 

Watch Currencycloud’s video interview series on how wealth management is shaping up today and discover insights on how wealth service providers can harness technology to elevate their platforms and re-position themselves to the mass-affluent.


Episode 1: How has wealth management evolved and why wealthtech is such a hot topic today? 

Episode 2: How will wealth management shape up by 2025 and beyond?

Episode 3: How can wealth service providers harness technology to elevate their platforms?

Episode 4: What should wealth service providers do to re-position themselves to the mass-affluent?