The choice is yours! Getting started with Currencycloud couldn't be easier. Access our platform's features and functionality in whichever way suits your business best.

Access and Integration

Find the right option that works for you. Two routes, same great platform: choose to build your own platform using our modular approach and cutting-edge APIs for an enhanced customer experience, or opt for our white-label out-of-the-box solution to go live with speed and ease. Whichever route you choose, you'll be up and running fast with our pre-built platform to manage it all, Currencycloud Direct.

API Toolkit

Built for developers, by developers.

Designed for businesses that want to fully control their user experience, our toolkit of APIs, rapidly delivers tailor-made solutions for you and your customers with a simple integration. We’ve taken care of the difficult parts — including regulation — to give you the freedom, speed, automation and visibility you need to excel in a dynamic financial landscape. Our top-notch developer centre has everything you need to plug-in and play.


Personalized out-of-the-box solution for you and your customers.

Take our out-of-the-box solution to the next level and personalise in your brand. If you’re wanting to offer a service that looks and feels like you but want to save time, money and avoid any development or integration work, this could be the option for you! Apply your brand to our Currencycloud Direct platform to get that personal touch. You can even offer some of this functionality to your own customers as your own white-label offering.

Currencycloud Direct

Looking for a platform to manage your cross-border transactions?

Whether you’re integrating with APIs or using our off-the-shelf whitelabel solution, Currencycloud Direct is a pre-built platform for managing customer transactions. Access all the benefits and insights of a platform management tool, fast, without having to do any development.


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Create Your Embedded Finance Ecosystem

Manage payments from collection to payout with the best exchange rates along the way. Get in touch for a personalized discussion on how you can leverage our cross-border platform to drive international business, the way it should be.